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Welcome to the Lucknow game app. In the Lucknow Game apk you will get a chance to win real cash by playing your jackpot. In today’s article, we will tell you how to withdraw your earnings from the win streak bonus available in your Lucknow game app. And I am going to tell you how to recharge to play all colour prediction games. To get an instant login bonus of Rs 201, register now in this app.

Lucknow Game
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Winstreak Bonus In Lucknow Game App:

In the Lucknow game app, you are earning many win streak bonuses.

Lucknow Game App

In which you will get a big recharge bonus on recharge. On quick withdrawal, you will get an instant bonus of Rs 1000 with which you can use your games.

Lucknow game Bonus

On recharging with USDT you will get an extra cashback of 3℅ in this app. To earn a Winstreak bonus you will have to increase the winning rates in your games. This will unlock your win streak bonus.

How To Recharge And Withdraw In Lucknow Game App:


To recharge in the Lucknow game app, open the app and go to the recharge section.

Lucknow game APK

Fill all the details of recharge correctly and click on the recharge button. Within a few seconds, your recharged money will be added to your Lucknow game app wallet.


To withdraw you will have to click on the withdraw option along with recharge.

Lucknow game Withdraw

Select your bank account and enter the withdrawable amount. Click on the last withdraw button. Processed within 24 hours, the money withdrawn by you will be transferred to your bank account.

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The Lucknow game app is a popular gaming app for colour prediction games. In which many features have been provided to earn with all the facilities.

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