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Welcome to the No.1 colour trading and money-making website Ok Win. Ok Win app is famous for earning money and you can also earn more money by playing Ok Win colour prediction game. You can download Ok Win apk any time from its official website link. In today’s article, we will provide you with information on how you can get your loss refunded in this app and will also tell you about the most popular colour trading game today.

Ok Win

How To Play Colour Trading Game In Ok Win Apk. 

 Step 1: First of all open this apk on your Android or iOS device and open the Win Minute game.  

Step 2: After entering this game, you will be taken to its home page.  

Step 3: Now you will be shown the timer, numbers and colours in which you have to place your bet. 

okwin Colour Prediction Game

Step 4: Choose any one of the three colours which are red, green or violet.  

Step 5: Select the number of the same colour and click on the five-minute time frame.  

Step 6: Place as many bets as you want according to your wallet balance.  Step 7: Click on the Go button and wait for five minutes for the results. After five minutes your chosen color is shown in the results then you have won this round. In this way, you can earn by continuing this game.

How To Refund Our Lost Money In Okwin App:

The no.1 colour trading app, if you make a loss in games then you are going to get the best opportunity to recover from it. You will get this facility only in this fantastic app. You have many opportunities available in this app to recover your loss.

okwin app

By logging in daily to this apk you can unlock this facility. You will get help in recovering by creating video content of Okwin apk and posting it on YouTube. The more value you give to this app, the more your chances of recovery will increase.

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In today’s article, we have provided you with information about its best feature refunding your loss and about colour trading game.

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