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Welcome to the newly launched colour prediction gaming app which name is the Bdg Win app.  You can log in to the Bdg Win app at any time with your mobile number or with your email address. In future, if you forget your login password then you can talk to their customer care.  

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the income you will get from daily check-in and how to play the colour prediction game Win Go.


Earn With Daily Check-In In The Bdg Win App:

There are many opportunities available for you to earn in the bdg win app. One of those opportunities or earning features is daily check-in. After logging into this apk, this option will be unlocked for you.

Bdg Win Games

By going to the daily check section, you will see the service Boxex in which you will get bonus rewards on checking in daily. You will get an instant bonus reward of Rs 10 on the first day in this apk. By checking in daily in this manner you will get bumper prizes of rewards in the end.

How To Play The Colour Prediction Game In Bdg Win App:

1: First of all open the bdg win app on your smart device and select Win Go Three minutes a game.

2: Now the home page of this colour prediction game will open in front of you.  

3: First of all you select a time frame of three minutes.  

Bdg Win App

4: After that select any one color from the three colors which are red, green or violet.  

5: Select the number of the same colour as the colour you have chosen.

6: Now place your bet according to your wallet balance.  

7: After three minutes the results come and if the colour chosen by you is shown in the results then you have won this round.  

This is the way you can win by continuing this game.

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So friends, in today’s article, we have told you about the earnings from the daily check-in of the bdg win app and the earnings from the the colour prediction game.

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